JHC Tamarind Sweet & Sour with Chilli - 7 Oz. 200g


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Every real person has a little sour side. What's in the bag? JHC tamarind candy with chilli! So fruity, so sweet and so sour on the inside - with a hot chili twist to it! It is an all natural product of Thailand from one of their loveliest tropical fruits - tamarind fruit. Around 5000 years ago people in India thought tamarind was such a lovely taste that they called it "Indian date". Called Kaju when mixed with sugar cane, it's chewy goodness sticks to your teeth for hours as you keep on wanting more and more. Enjoy this nostalgic treat without any artificial or unhealthy ingredients because flavors like these are found only in nature!

  • NET Weight: 7 Oz. | 200g
  • Product of Thailand

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