Coconut Tree Brand Báhn Tráng Rice Paper Medium Size - 0.88 lb 400g

Rose Brand

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From Vietnam, with love [heart emoji]. Made of rice and tapioca starch, this rice paper is ready to the rolled with your favorite veggies and seafood. Eat it raw with sauces or deep-fry it for maximum crunchy flavor!

Cooking Instructions:

1- Immerse a towel in water.
2- Squeeze it to remove excess water.
3- Cover 1 sheet of rice paper with the damp towel and wait for 1 minute to allow the rice paper to absorb moisture and soften up.
4- Repeat step 3 to work with another sheet of rice paper. Add your favorite ingredients on to the rice paper and roll.
5- Eat it raw or deep-fry it. Enjoy!

  • NET Weight: 0.88 lb | 400g
  • Ingredients: Tapioca Starch, Rice, Water and Salt.
  • Product of Vietnam

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