Tomax Five Spice Powder - 0.71 oz 20g

Tomax Five Spice Powder - 0.71 oz 20g


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Tomax Five Spice Powder is an all-natural five spice powder with both sweet and savory flavors from cinammon and cumin. Good on stir-fry dishes, meat dishes and marinades.
This Chinese five spice powder has no preservatives, artificial colorants or flavors.
The five spices contained in this seasoning are china cassia, fennel, coriander, cloves, anise, and celery. The exact origins of five-spice powder are not know and there are many theories as to how it came about but there is no doubt that five-spice powder is unique.

Tomax Five Spice Powder can be used to flavor braised or roasted meat, fish, and poultry dishes, and may be included in rubs. It is very good in stir-fly dishes, meat stew dishes or marinades.

Tomax Enterprise Co. Ltd. is a well-known Taiwanese seasoning manufacturer, founded in 1964 and focusses on processing, manufacturing and marketing of spices. With its emphasis on quality and innovation the company has established itself as a favorite and holds the biggest market share in Taiwan's spice market. The company launched its healthy, flavored oil series in 2010, leading the industry with an exclusive patented low-temperature extraction and concentration technology.

  • NET Weight: 0.71 oz | 20g
  • Ingredients:  Tea, Fennel, China Cassia, Licorice Root, Anise, Bay Leaves, Allspice, Black Pepper, Clove
  • Product of Taiwan

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